Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What I Know

Here is what I know.

I was right and you were wrong.

I was right about the invasion of Iraq. It was the oil, stupid.
The oil and the power and the bases and the money.

You were wrong.

I was right about 9/11. Why else did they hide the truth?
That doesn't mean that buildings were professionally demolished
Or a plane didn't fly into the Pentagon
Or passengers didn't bring down a flight
Or even that there were no planes at all.

It means there was a cover-up. A monstrous, huge cover-up.

Nobody knows the truth except the perps.

Just like JFK. Just like the Gulf of Tonkin. Just like Saddam's WMDs.
Just like Iran-Contra.

The same people, the same groups, the same demented mindsets.
Criminals. Murderers. Sociopaths.

Running the country, running the world.

What about the anthrax of October 2001?
FBI lies.
The government did it. They covered it up.
They don't want you to know.

They want you scared, so you will agree to anything.
I said don't be scared.

You said shut up and fight!

I said be peaceful.

You said I was a traiter (sic).

I was right and you were wrong.

That is what I know.

And I am still right, and you are still wrong,
And that will never change
Until you admit that I was right
And you were wrong.

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